‘Safe selling’ and how to protect yourself from potential mis-sell claims

Winning new business is key to your success, however it is important to win the right business, not just any because, like us human, there are many different types or organisations out there, good and bad.

It is important to do your research before you meet with a new customer, this will ensure that you do not waste your time, because lets’ face it your time is valuable, going to…

Security Update on Ingenico Card Machines

We would like to inform you that if you have an Ingenico Card Machine you will need to install an important security update before 1st January 2017. If you do not do this your machine may stop working.

The update will take no longer than five minutes and you can do it yourself by following these steps.

  • From the 'Ready screen', press the MENU button twice.

Creating a seamless online checkout experience

Creating that simple Uber experience for your customers is a business owners dream.  Uber has not only changed the way we get from A to B, but has also changed our expectations of a website and mobile app checkout experience as a consumer. With Uber all you need is an account, your card details and then all you need to do is click a button to get a cab and…

Card Surcharging

As a consumer, I find being charged to use my debit or credit card incredibly infuriating, especially as often there is no real explanation as to why the business is imposing this levy. Typically businesses blame the cost of processing card payments; however the rates being charged are often substantially higher than what the business is being charged by the card payment services provider.  When I have challenged businesses in…

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment?

So, you’ve invested time and money in creating an enticing and welcoming website; your branding is fantastic; you have great content and, visually, it looks amazing. Your customers are flocking to your site and are filling up their virtual shopping baskets with lots of your brilliant products, but your conversion rate remains low.

Don’t get disheartened; you are not alone. Thousands of businesses have the same issues as…

Keeping Passwords Secure

The dos and the don’ts of password security

The number of companies being hacked is on the increase and the media is reporting these type of stories more often. So, what is the best way to keep your passwords and your data secure?

Here are our top ten tips for password security:

  1. Don't store your password where it can be easily found – The chances…

Good to Know

Does it matter what you call the agreement that the merchant signs?

NetPay provides a merchant with the opportunity to offer their customers the ability to pay by card. This is done by routing payments through a terminal or our payment gateway.

This forms the basis of our service offer.

In order for NetPay to provide this service to merchants, there are two things that are essential.

1. The…

Training Tip #1

The Identity Checking Process

Having undergone the First Data Reseller accreditation programe with NetPay, you will be aware of the need to prove the identity of the merchant you are signing up. Identity checking helps to prevent three types of fraudulent activity:

* Identity fraud - when someone pretends to be someone they are not.

Training Tip #2

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Today's post focuses on the Know Your Customer process, otherwise known as KYC. This process happens when the merchant fails to be authenticated on the e-identitycheck.

Quick Check

Just to refresh what you know about the identity checking process from Training Tip #1:

  • Experian e-identity checks merchant's information against its database, containing over 440 million consumer records

  • The database accesses a…

Training Tips for Resellers

Welcome to NetPay's first Training Tips for Resellers blog. 

My name is Debbie Rowe, Learning and Development Specialist  here at NetPay. Some of our reselling network may have already met me during our training sessions at our Southampton offices or if I have visited a partner's site to provide training directly. I may have contacted some of you directly to ask you to take the annual accreditation test for Anti-Money…

Training Tip #4

Providing Proof of Bank

Quick Check

So far we have looked at parts of the application process that require identity, both individual and business, to be authenticated.

  • Authenticating the beneficial owners of the merchant's business using e-identitycheck

  • Manually certifying an individual's identity if not authenticated electronically

  • Manually certifying the business if not matched electronically

This post provides answers to frequently…

Going Cashless and Cardless in an Ageing Population

The technological developments that have been made in the Fintech sector over the last decade have enabled the market to on in leaps and bounds from where they used to be. Technology has helped us reduce queue times, speed up payments and make them more secure than ever.


In fact, it is predicted that by 2018, cash will make up less than 50% of all transactions globally[1].…

Training Tip #3

Know Your Business

We looked at the Know Your Customer process, and this post will look at the process of Know Your Business (KYB).

Quick Check

What do you remember from Training Tip #1 and #2?

  • An individual's identity is checked electronically by Experian e-identitycheck and returns a score between 0 and 99 merchant's information against its database, 

  • A pass is 40 or above, and…

Are Mobile Payments the future?

I remember when I got my first mobile phone; I didn’t buy it from a phone shop, far from it. I bought my Motorola MR201 from Halfords, for ‘emergencies’, when I was 18 years old. I had just passed my driving test. Back in 1999, the thought of using a mobile phone for anything other a call was incomprehensible. But over a decade later, much has changed; my smart phone…

Protecting your business from fraudulent transactions over the Festive Season

UK spending this Christmas is expected to reach £16.5 billion and, over the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend (27th to 30th November), the total is set to exceed £2.2billion.[1]

Retailers are busy preparing themselves for this bumper weekend and ensuring that they have enough stock to fulfil orders. But what about checking whether the orders that they are despatching are for genuine customers? That should be at the…

What to do if you suffer a data breach?

Data security breaches have been occurring for a number of years but, for the last few months the news seems to be dominated by stories of companies falling victim to these cyber-attacks. Starting with the infidelity data website Ashley Madison, when its customers’ details were stolen and leaked online.

Last week Telecoms giant Talk Talk suffered a breach, followed this week by Marks and Spencer, which had to suspend its…

Wearable Payment Technology – What Problems Is It Actually Solving?

Wearable payments – what’s the big deal for consumers, is it the speed of payments, the novelty of new technology? After all, as consumers we all want everything right now, but with the recent increase in the maximum amount you can purchase via contactless payments, is there really a demand for this wearable payment technology or is it just another fad?

The payments industry has tried and failed numerous…

PCI Compliance and Windows Server 2003

As of 14th July 2015, Microsoft will stop security support for Windows Server 2003. This means that merchants will be making their businesses vulnerable to data threats and risking businesses integrity.  They may also find that they will struggle to provide adequate evidence of PCI compliance when it comes to completing their annual PCI assessment. This could mean that they will incur non- compliance fees.

Businesses that are…

Case Study: Crystal Clear Telecom

Crystal Clear Telecom ltd specialise in providing hosted telephone systems, and lines and calls from their offices in Bournemouth.  As a family run business with more than 15 years’ experience within the Telecommunications industries adding Merchants Services to their portfolio was a natural evolution of their business.

Scott Gower-Smith said “We have a strict policy on no hidden costs and an upfront attitude to help all of our customers’ needs.…

How to protect your business from fraud

Payment card fraud cost the UK’s small businesses in 2013 £450m in lost revenue, £105.5 million of which was online. If your business is compromised by fraud it can damage your business financially and also have a detrimental effect on your brand reputation within the market place.

How to protect you business from refund card fraud?

There has been a spate or fraudsters attempting to get businesses to perform refunds…

What the changes to Interchange mean for your business

Back in July 2013 The European Commission proposed new regulations to cap interchange fees, which retailers pay to card schemes and banks to process payments customers make using credit and debit cards.  In September 2014 we witnessed an historic court ruling to end the excessively high interchange fees retailers pay banks to process card payments.

But, what does this mean for your business?

First things, first, just what…

5 Reasons to take contactless payments

2014 has been the year for contactless in fact it was this year’s most adopted consumer technology. Contactless even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year shortlist.

The recent roll-out of contactless payments across the London transport network has helped boost its popularity.

Here are our reasons why you should take contactless payments:

  1. Contactless payments is growing in popularity - Visa Europe predicts…

A Future Without Secrets

The new business buzz word is ‘Big Data’ -  everyone who is anyone in business is talking about it , but is this terminology just another new phrase that will fall by the way side like ‘BYOD’ or is it here to stay?

Since the internet exploded into life from just a static information repository in the 1990’s to an interactive, sharing based world in the early 2000’s,…

Simple Steps to Prevent Payment Card Fraud

Payment card fraud cost the UK’s small businesses in 2013 £450m in lost revenue, £105.5 million of which was online. If your business is compromised by fraud it can damage your business financially and also have a detrimental effect on your brand reputation within the market place.

Here are our simple steps to preventing card payment fraud from occurring in your business:

1. Card Not Present Fraud (Online,…

Getting Social with Social Media

As a marketing professional I understand the need to ensuring that you have a good social media presence, but there is a fine line between good and bad social media etiquette.  

If you are new to social media it can be a daunting prospect after all you will have heard horror stories in the press such as the HMV meltdown where disgruntled marketing and PR employees took over…

Review: With new payment technology emerging, who didn't make it?

It seems that in recent years the development in payment technology has leapt forward, there are now more ways for us to purchase goods and services from wrist bands to NFC contactless mobile payments.

The rise in electronic payments has meant that in the UK the use of cash, cheques and bankers drafts is on the decline. They are no longer fit for purpose as consumers and businesses…

How data will grow your retail business?

When is the right time to expand your retail business? Is it when your cash flow is looking good or is it because you think it is the right thing to do?

Before you make that step, delve into your data and see what the trends are occurring as these will highlight to you opportunities for growth. Data enables you to plan your future and ultimately your success.


Selling Through Service

In a world where brand loyalty has almost become a thing of the past, businesses are trying even harder to retain their customers, but many are still focusing too much on price and miss the most important thing, service.

It is no wonder there are so many loyalty cards out there on the high street when loyal customers are worth up to 10x the amount they initially spend! Yet…

Protecting Your Customers Data

Data is one of the most of the most important assets of your business, big or small keeping your customers data safe should be one of your main priorities and if it isn’t, you can face serious consequences costs if your systems and customer data are compromised.

Many merchants think that the responsibility of taking payments is as easy as just taking the card payment either online, over the…

How to develop a compelling membership proposition

I don’t need to tell you that one of the biggest challenges facing trade associations today is how to develop a compelling membership proposition ensuring that you retain and grow your membership base.  

Members join associations for a variety of reasons and not everyone’s values are the same. In austere times membership to associations is often the first thing to go, but there are ways of preventing your…

How to help your customer select the right card terminal

Selecting the correct card terminal – what to consider?

There are a number of things your merchant should consider before selecting the right card terminal for their business and as a reseller it is your duty to ensure that your customer is aware of all of the facts before they select their terminal as one size does not fit all. Common problems with terminals can be avoided if some simple…

How to choose the right donation service provider for your organisation

Cash is one of the most important assets of a not for profit organisation as ultimately generating income from donations is key to an organisations success and its ability to deliver its cause. It can be tough to get supporters to open their wallets and I am sure you will agree it is easier to spend more money when you don’t have the physical cash in your hand, cash in…

eDay is your business prepared?

What does eDay mean for businesses?

On 19th September 2014 all Irish Public Sector Organisations will no longer write or accept cheques from business users, this is to encourage SME’s to switch to more efficient payment methods such as credit and debit card payments.

Currently Irish SME’s are either the issuers or receivers of more than 60% of all cheques and by switching to more efficient payment methods it…

The Future of Charitable Donations

The way charities operate and accept donations has changed dramatically over the last year and with social media part of everyday life, fundraising via social media is now the norm.

The recent ‘No make up selfie’ cancer campaign via Facebook raised more than £8 million for Cancer Research UK in just 6 days with the charity receiving over 800,000 donations by text and begs the question what’s next for…

Case Study: Opportunities for differentiation

The Opportunity

As the telecoms market has changed and evolved Dial Green have become increasingly conscious of the necessity to focus on a capability that provides real differentiation
in a competitive marketplace.

Dial Green identified an opportunity to make Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance in call centre environments easier and more cost effective. PCI is the regulator for card payments security. Compliance is essential for any business that…

Success Beyond Tradition

Ever heard of the saying “If you keep doing the same thing you will always get the same results” the same rings true when it comes to business. Once retail giants HMV and Blockbusters are living and breathing proof that if you do not innovate and change the way you do business you are surely doomed to fail. This is why businesses including those in the telecoms industry should now…

How Merchant Services can improve your cash flow

Whilst the focus for many businesses is on increasing sales when looking to increase profits and improve cash flow, reducing costs is often overlooked and can invariably have the same impact to your cash flow as increasing sales by 10%.

Managing and monitoring your purchasing activity could be incredibly beneficial to your business, you need to get to grips with cash management and understand where you are before you…

The End of Cheques is Nigh!

The need to accept card and electronic payments is now a necessity, as we are fast becoming a cashless society.

70% of consumers now prefer to pay by card and 19% of people avoid stores that do not accept cards. It now seems that by accepting card and electronic payments you can help business growth and ensure that your business remains competitive