It's all about the capability and service beyond the transaction itself...

The card payment industry has traditionally been dominated by High Street banks and larger independent payment service providers - many of which were at some point part of these banking institutions. Their commercial and service inflexibility has resulted in only 1 million of the 4.5 million UK business population accepting credit and debit cards as a method of payment. Each of these businesses is using a card processing solution that provides them with very little functionality beyond the ability to accept to process a transaction.

Creating and Delivering Innovation

In the card payments industry there has been a specific focus on delivering innovation to the consumer - Contactless payments and mobile payment applications being just a couple of areas experiencing considerable growth. There have however been very few developments that focus on delivering innovation and intelligence to the merchant.

The requirements of the modern business have evolved whereas the card payment processing services offered by High Street Banks and many payment service providers simply have not. To begin to drive market change NetPay has developed its 'Revolution' platform. Revolution is a system that empowers resellers and merchants to not only manage their services but gain meaningful information on transaction activity, performance trends and analysis, consumer intelligence and helps improve consumer engagement. Before Revolution this level of capability simply didn't exist.

More Revolution than evolution

The services provided by NetPay are a giant leap from its various competitors' propositions. The business is delivering more of a Revolution than industry evolution -hence the name of NetPay's internally development management portal.

The mistake that the High Street banks and payment services providers is assumption that providing the ability to take and process payments is all that a payment service provider should do. It isn't. It's about ensuring that service establishment is as easy and pain free as it possibly can be, it's about ensuring that merchants can dependant on the reliability of the services they use, it's about giving merchants visibility of their transactions, allowing them to influence their consumer experience, showing performance trends and analysis and providing a detailed level of consumer intelligence that allows businesses to make decisions. This is what NetPay have addressed.

The NetPay business focuses on differentiation in 3 core areas;


NetPay has sought to bring about a more flexible approach to commercials and a more accessible approach to the services we provide. NetPay works to respond to the varied requirements of our customers and merchants rather than simply forcing them to fit square pegs in to round holes.


The UK payment services industry has traditionally lacked service innovation from a merchant's perspective. Challenging this status quo, NetPay are making payment solutions accessible to those who have opportunities to sell the services under their own brand to their existing customer base. The business is empowering merchants to manage their card transactions more efficiently by providing greater visibility and control.


By providing 24x7 UK based telephone support for resellers and merchants as well as comprehensive support options and a national engineering work force for terminal replacement and repairs NetPay are working to redefine great service in the payment services industry.

The NetPay proposition presents a series of unique opportunities to different types of business. Our range of NetPay for... guides talk through how to capitalise on the payments opportunity by partnering with NetPay.

NetPay for...

The NetPay wholesale proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, in your own brand, billed and supported by you - powered by NetPay.


The NetPay reseller proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, signing them up to NetPay in exchange for a recurring commission.


The NetPay payment services focus on the functionality beyond just the transaction itself. NetPay provide detailed, comprehensive management information and consumer intelligence through our Revolution platform.

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