Our resource centre provides you with everything you need to know about card payments, in one easily accessible location. Browse the downloads below and of course if you need more information please feel free to contact our team at NetPay. 

We Are NetPay

Everything you need to know about NetPay Merchant Services and our payment solutions.

Payment Terminal Care

An overview of the NetPay Terminal Support Care and it’s benefits.

Online Payment Services

Our guide to online payments (commonly referred to as CNP or card holder not present).

Managed Services Guide

Providing face to face support for installing and troubleshooting your payment terminal.

Short Term Rental

Short-term rentals are popular options for seasonal businesses, shows and events. They offer a queue busting solution.


Revolution is NetPay’s award winning, provisioning, service management and reporting platform.

Business Finance

Capital that keeps pace with your card takings.

NP Integrate

Semi-integrated payment solutions are at the centre of successful, well organised retail businesses.


appay the self-contained mobile payment app.


A solution to enable International Visa and MasterCard card users the choice to pay in their own currency.

Terminal Payment Services

Terminal payment services, referred to as CHP or Cardholder Present, provide the capability for purchases to be made with the card holder present.

Selecting Your Terminal

Our guide to help you select the right card terminal for your business.

Spire SPc5 Card Terminal

A datasheet highlighting all the features of the Spire SPc5 card payment terminal.

Spire SPg7 Terminal

A datasheet highlighting all the features of the Spire SPg7 card payment terminal.

Spire SPp10 Pin Pad

A datasheet highlighting all the features of the Spire SPp10 Pin Pad.

Spire Setup Guide

Our guide to setting up and troubleshooting the Spire Terminal range.

Ingenico ICT Series

A datasheet highlighting all the features and benefits of the Ingenico ICT250.

Ingenico IWL200 Series

A datasheet highlighting all the features of the Ingenico IWL250 Terminal.

Ingenico Setup Guide

Our guide to setting up and troubleshooting the Ingenico Terminal range.

Acronym Buster

Our acronym buster, to help you make sense of all the terminology surrounding merchant services.

Revolution For Merchants

Our guide to our online portal Revolution and it’s features and benefits.

Revolution For Resellers

Our guide to Revolution our provisioning, management and reporting tool.

Merchant FAQs

Everything your merchants need know about their service with NetPay.

The importance of becoming PCI compliant

Understanding PCI Compliance.

Application Guide

Helping you to understand the requirements surrounding merchant applications.

Your Statement

A guide to take you through your merchant statement and what to expect.

Cancellation Guide

A guide to explain the cancellation policies of most payment service organisations.

Protecting Customer Data

Our top tips on protecting your customer data from fraud and security breaches.

Green Purchasing Guide

Our guide to take you through how to be more environmentally friendly.

All About Chargebacks

Our guide on chargebacks; how they affect your business and how to prevent them.

A Future Without Secrets

Our white paper on customer insights and the impact they have on business.

Preventing Card Fraud

Simple steps to prevent card payment fraud from occurring.