Mail Order Telephone Orders

With a NetPay virtual terminal you can take payments over the phone by mail order or online. It is simple and secure.

This option is ideal for businesses like; florists, insurers, takeaways or any business that takes payments over the telephone. A virtual terminal is a secure payment page within our Revolution portal that enables you to process card payments.

How it works

Each member of staff has their own login to use the online portal. Once logged in all they need to do is enter the customer's card details within the payments page and make the sale. It is that simple.

All transactions are processed online and stored to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) We are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, which is the highest level of compliance available.

Allow customers to pay via an email, text or QR code link. Bringing your call recordings within scope of PCI Compliance.


Allows you to set up recurring payments, so your customers can pay you weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually until the payment is cancelled.


Allows you to store your customers’ card details so that there is no need for them to re-enter them when they make another purchase with you.

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