Integrated Payments

Semi-integrated payment solutions are at the centre of successful, well organised retail businesses.

Semi-integrated payment solutions

Semi-integrated payment solutions limit the necessity for communication between the PIN pad and the EPoS (electronic point of sale) system to non-sensitive exchanges.  Instead transactions are encrypted and routed directly from the smart terminal to the merchant’s card processor or gateway. This improves security, simplifies the chip and pin process, meets PCI compliance processes and so reduces the cost of chip and pin acceptance.

Integrators link the EPoS to an Ingenico corded terminal (PIN pad) iPP350 or iWL252 (Bluetooth terminal), so the EPoS can send transaction amounts directly to the terminal. This reduces the risk of error and fraud.

Key Benefits:

• Streamlines chip and PIN migration and certification
• Improves security by eliminating sensitive data from the EPoS (electronic point of sale)
• Simplifies PCI compliance by reducing the cardholder data environment
• Processor and gateway agnostic
• Widely available SDKs (software development kits) based integration – provides “quick to market” cost effective solution
• Generic drivers such as uPOS, JavaPOS etc are available and supported by the existing POS systems

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