Short term rental

Short-term rentals are popular options for seasonal businesses, shows and events. They offer a queue busting solution at peak times.

Short term rental of card payment terminals

Using a short-term rental service provides customers with flexible terminal rental options and is especially useful for seasonal businesses, pop-up shops, one-off sales, events or a business with a need to meet a general increase in demand.
As well as queue busting, short term rental services also help merchants to ascertain if they need a terminal, or an additional terminal, prior to taking out a lease or even prior to deciding to outright purchase a terminal.
Rental options start from just one day but are available up to six months.
Merchants are given the option to use a NetPay provided merchant account or to use an already established merchant account with an existing acquiring bank. Not all acquiring banks for all models are supported so please confirm with NetPay before making the decision to go ahead.
Short-term rental terminals will work with the customer’s Wi-Fi or customers can opt to go mobile with mobile Wi-Fi devices, which use a roaming SIM. Contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay and NFC are all supported. Terminals will accept all major debit and credit cards and the terminal itself is a small portable, handheld device.
Short-term rental of payment card terminals has been designed especially for those businesses that have a short-term need to take card payments and maximise revenue.

The benefits of short term rental

• Select from 1 day to 6 months
• No long-term contract
• Use a new NetPay provided FDMS merchant account or to use your existing FDMS account.
• Terminals are delivered,  configured and ready to go – including a till roll.
• Access to our UK-based technical support team, 24/7
• Access to our award-winning reporting and analytics platform, Revolution.
• SIMs in our GPRS terminals search for the strongest available network.
• Used as a queue busting measure.
• Assess business requirements for additional terminal.

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