Corporate Responsibility

NetPay is the first payment processor in the UK to offer 'green payments' by mitigating the carbon emissions of our payments network and our internal IT, by planting 1250m2 of woodland working with the Woodland Trust.

Wherever we do business we strive to continuously improve economic performance, environmental and social impact and establish ourselves as industry leaders. Our commitment manifests itself in a variety of ways, be that the Green Payments initiative, our fund raising for local and national charities or our support with local “coding clubs” in schools to educate and hopefully create the next generation of fantastic developers. 

NetPay also takes data protection seriously, as part of its corporate responsibility. NetPay holds Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and will be complying with GDPR.

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Diversity plays a significant role in the success of NetPay. With team members from 11 different countries based in our Southampton HQ, a variety of different cultures and beliefs are bringing together great ideas from all over the world.


NetPay is the only known provider in the world that has entirely off-set the emissions of its payment network through the planting of 1250m2 of woodland in Cumbria, working with the Woodland Trust.


With an annual local and national charity, NetPay runs a series of internal events and initiatives to raise money for good causes. From bake sales and competitions to wearing your pyjamas to work days!


As well as ensuring our team are aware of the impact of our operation on the environment, NetPay also supports local initiatives to encourage more children to adopt technology as a career through our “coding clubs”.


We focus on managing procurement from sustainable sources wherever possible and making the best possible use of our resources be that energy, travel, waste, water and paper.


Supporting those that have families and building teams that bond like families, culture is incredibly important to NetPay. The business hosts a series of events to bring people closer together and support working families to mix and build long term friendships.

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