NetPay’s Inspirational Woman – Nicole Churchill

There are many inspirational women in our lives; in our own families (mothers, sisters, cousins), in our developmental years (teachers, youth leaders and neighbours), on the news (celebrities and politicians) and then there are those in our working lives (colleagues and bosses).

As today is International Women’s Day at NetPay one woman stands out as an inspiration, Nicole Churchill. She is more than just a Director at NetPay but founded NetPay in October 2012, shortlisted in 2017 in the Hampshire Venus Awards.

As an inspirational woman, Nicole is a passionate and talented business leader, having previously been part of the team who built murphx, an aggregator of telecommunications in 2003. Subsequently Nicole and her partners sold murphx to The Daisy Group in June 2010, before she and her partner Carl investigated the potential behind a venture in payments, building the first iteration of NetPay’s technology over the course of 8 months.

Prior to her already inspirational success with murphx, Nicole had struck the balance of creating and developing a series of other ventures whilst looking after her two young children, proving that with hard-work and determination she could be a mother and a successful business woman. It is such qualities which women often play down, not realising that they are inspiring others to succeed.

Today, NetPay employees 50 people (both male and female) and has its own substantial offices in Hedge End, in Hampshire.

NetPay has won numerous awards for its ground-breaking Revolution platform, acknowledged as a disruptor in the finance industry. Revolution means businesses no longer just take card payments but have access to intelligence to identify their top and repeat customers, where customers originate, spending patterns and average basket sizes across the world.

Revolution also supports merchants to manage compliance obligations, with requirements under aspects such as PCI DSS rather than leaving businesses in the dark with little more than a self-assessment questionnaire.

NetPay has experienced exponential growth across the UK and Ireland and has commenced a globalisation project at the start of 2017 to extend its technology into other territories, supporting businesses in 16 countries by early 2018.

Nicole Churchill says,

I am a great believer in empowering women, achieving equality and helping people to realise their full potential. At NetPay we have an inclusive environment and refer to the “NetPay family” as I truly believe in underpinning the business with a family ethos. Every Friday we have “Fruit Friday” so that both divisions of the business can join together and socialise over healthy snacks. By encouraging people to grow together we can excel and succeed as a team. Happy International Women’s Day to all the great women out there. We all make a difference, some more quietly than others, but we all contribute. True equality will be achieved when equality no longer becomes a discussion – it just becomes the way that things are.”

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