Patches, patches, patches!

Make sure you look out for patches and any update emails from NetPay to help you stay as safe as possible at all times.

Software can have flaws in them, commonly highlighted by an attack elsewhere which reveals a security issue across a whole brand of card machines or scheme infrastructures.

Hackers will exploit these mistakes to break into your computer, electronic point of sale or card machine. It is therefore important to protect your system by always allowing patches (also known as software updates) to be applied.

Missing a patch update on your card payment machine

There are several reasons you miss a patch update. It may happen because:

  • Patches and updates will often be requested by the card machine every 28 days, if this request is made but there is no connection the patch won’t be applied.
  • ‘Failed to update’ may be displayed if the card machine has been configured incorrectly and the patch wasn’t applied.
  • The most common time for card machines to request patches is overnight, so if you turn your card machine off overnight or remove the connection the patch won’t be successful.

If in doubt NetPay’s 24/7 UK based support team are available to assist you with any updates.

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