Protect your card machine, protect your business

A refund is a reverse transaction used to repay a customer where goods or services are not provided as expected. To carry out the refund the business will need to either input a code or use a supervisor code. If this happens, fraud can be a huge issue and business need to protect themselves from this.

So now imagine that instead of you giving a refund to a disgruntled customer a member of public walks in off the street to help themselves to your money. They lean over the counter and perform their own refund while your back is turned. Those that use our Revolution portal may notice 24 hours later, those who are less vigilant may notice when checking their acquiring statement at the end of the month and some may never find out they have been subject to a theft.

Even more devious and damaging is the member of public (after a previous reconnaissance) swapping your machine for an identical one they have purchased, taking as many refunds as they can from the safety of their own home.

So how do businesses prevent this?

Follow the simple steps below:

  • Keep your card machine safe and out of sight when your counter is unattended.
  • During installation change your supervisor code to a unique code rather than leaving it with the factory standard.
  • Take a photo of your card machine (front and back) so you have photographs to compare with, should you suspect the card machine looks or feels different.
  • Use a Pin Pad so the card machine can be fixed to the counter out of reach from the public.
  • If in doubt call NetPay’s 24/7 UK based technical services team who can remotely prevent the machine from working or check nothing untoward has occurred.

Remember you wouldn’t leave your cash till open and unattended so why leave your card machine vulnerable?

How much does your terminal mean to you?

There were 1.3 billion debit card payments made in October 2017. This was worth £46.8 billion, while the average monthly spend per card has continued to increase rising to £475 in October 2017, according to the research team (the latest figures currently available).

If your terminal was down for a day how much revenue would your business miss out on?

Did you know we offer Silver and Gold Care Terminal care packages to give you peace of mind? It is not too late to take this out now, providing you have a transacting machine and meet the eligibility criteria.

Call our sales team on 0333 311 0200, option 1 for more information about Terminal Care packages or click here.

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