Why Apprentices #WorksForMe

In 2017 NetPay Solutions Group took on their first apprentice, Jess Forder, a Level 3 apprentice studying a diploma in Business Administration. NetPay strongly invests in training and development for all their staff and so taking on an apprentice made sense as a way to enhance the team. Jess works within the Customer Success team and this is her story, so far:

“I decided early on that I did not want to go to college and university but wanted to work in business, so at the age of 16 I started looking for an apprenticeship which would give me the opportunity to achieve my future goals.
I would like one day to be a manager or even manage my own business. Becoming an apprentice puts me on the pathway to achieve my plans as I am working in a business environment and hopefully will work my way up from a Level 3 apprentice to a Level 4 or a managerial role.

“NetPay was the company which offered me the right apprenticeship. It has a Learning and Development Manager so there was a proper induction and training scheme provided, as well as a small team to work with by joining the Customer Success team. The environment at NetPay felt right and very supportive. Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere of the “NetPay Family” makes me feel I can ask questions when I need to.

“Working in customer success has given me lots of customer experience. I am lucky to work in such a department as for me customer service and encouraging customer loyalty is key to all businesses succeeding. If you provide the right customer service, and so gain customer loyalty, people will choose your business over your competitors.

“I am gaining lots of life skills and confidence by talking to so many customers on the phone as well as sending and replying to emails, recording accurate information on the computer and learning from more experienced colleagues.
As an apprentice I am constantly listening and learning, such as picking up ways to talk with customers as my more experienced colleagues use different phrases and tones to have positive calls. I am also gaining knowledge of the industry I work in, and I have learned that it is fine for me to ask questions. Just as importantly I am learning how to ask questions, when to ask questions and to get feedback from not just my manager but from colleagues.

“My apprenticeship so far has been different from anything I experienced at school, but I am really enjoying it and not missing the fact I did not go onto college full time. I still get to complete college work as part of my business administration diploma, so I am not losing out on formal learning.”


Matt Weeks, who is manager of the Customer Success team at NetPay commented,

Jess is very professional, especially given her age and the fact that this is her first full time job. She works hard and is eager to learn. Jess has been a great addition to our team and I am glad she #WorksForMe”.

Paul Smile, Learning and Development Manager, NetPay said,

I started my career as an apprentice and so know first-hand how valuable apprentices are, both for the apprentice and for the employer. Apprenticeship schemes bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm into a growing business while the apprentice gains lifelong skills and recognised qualifications. At NetPay we strive to provide opportunities for everyone in the business, so they learn every day. I am looking forward to many more apprentices joining NetPay; giving people the opportunity to make a difference. It’s a great journey to be on. Well done Jess!

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