Ways of keeping your business on top over the festive season

It’s been revealed that in 2016, in the UK, consumers spent roughly £77.56 billion during the festive season. 

Christmas, as well as all of the other holiday seasons, needs to be an area that businesses should be working around, in order to adapt it into their sales and marketing strategies. But how do businesses do this? These are some of the ways that businesses can thrive during the Christmas festive period.


When potential customers are walking through the high street, and they see a shop lit up with stunning decorations, it will get their attention. They could point it out to whoever they are with, which may encourage them to enter the shop, even without knowing what it sells!

Quite a lot of the time, people will come home and end up telling their families about the lovely shop windows they saw earlier that evening. This word of mouth is always great news for shops, as it means that their families and friends may want to check out the decorations for themselves. A good method for decorating would be to have lights around a window on the inside of the shop. This may attract potential customers to enter the shop to have a closer look and end up going inside.

Dressing up the employees

Why not try getting your staff seasonal jumpers to wear? This would not only help your customers to get into the festive mood, but also your employees when they are at their place of work. If your employees are feeling the Christmas spirit, then the customers will be able to see this and will see the employees faces happy. It has been proven through many different studies that a happy employee can help to boost sales by as much as 20%, meaning that it’s vital that customers can see that employees are being treated correctly. By dressing up the employees in festive jumpers, this adds fun to the work environment, meaning that they may even start to enjoy their jobs more. This can only mean good things for your business.

Make sure to advertise your promotions

Around any festive season, but especially Christmas time, there are always businesses with deals on. This is to encourage customers to choose their products instead of competitors. These deals are only as valuable as the number of customers who see them though. If you are not clearly advertising these, then they will not attract any customers, and you may be missing out on a lot of potential sales. Some of these deals may include buying a product on Black Friday, and getting a half-price discount on another item on Cyber Monday. A good idea to making sure that your deals are being shown, is to put them on a banner in your window, or a board outside of your store. If you are a company who only sells online, then on the home page at the top is a great place to share the offers that are currently available, or an email marketing campaign to inform your customers of the great deals you have going. Whatever method you choose, the main goal here is to make sure that potential customers see it!

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