On average, how much do we spend on Valentine’s Day?

Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, which means that shops will be filled with people ready to buy chocolates and flowers for their other half. But how much does all of this come to? And how much is the average expenditure on a partner? Let’s find out.

Who’s celebrating Valentine’s Day?

A total of over 22 million people from the British public spent money on their partner last Valentine’s Day. This made up 52.8% of the British population. In contrast, 31.2% did not celebrate it and 16% celebrated it but without spending money on each other. The estimation of the average amount that a person was going to spend last year, came to £28.45.


Recent studies have shown that women are less likely than men to spend over £41 on their partner. However, the most interesting statistic is the one revealing the number of people that won’t be celebrating on Valentine’s Day. This represents a total of 30.78% females and 31.54% men. Whether this means that it’s due to them being single or just a couple that likes to save money is not specified though.

Additionally, women are almost five and a half times more likely to buy something for their kids on the annual day than men. They are also more likely to purchase something to treat themselves.


It seems that Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout all generations. The overall percentages equal to 68.8% of millennials, 69.3% of Gen Xers and 68.4% of baby boomers planning on celebrating the day. The generation that is willing to spend the most amount on Valentine’s Day is the Gen Xers. This set of individuals have a spending average of £33.94. The generation that spends the least amount is the baby boomers, averaging at £25.47. Finally, the millennials are averaging just slightly above the baby boomers at £25.75.


Throughout the different regions in Britain, we can see drastically different results in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. Those that live in London are the most likely to be celebrating, with a result of 73.5%. This is high, especially when compared to the amount from East Midlands is at only 33.3%. In addition to London having a large number of couples, Northern Ireland also shares a high rate of celebration for Valentine’s Day. With the number almost being identical to London’s, Northern Ireland has a rate of 73.2% claiming to celebrate the day.

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