Creating a seamless online checkout

Creating that simple and perfect online checkout experience for your customers is a business owner’s dream and the checkout is arguably the most important part of any website but is often the area that businesses negate to improve regularly.

Here are a few things that are worth considering when it comes to your website checkout:

  • Allow shoppers to continue shopping after adding an item to the cart. Don’t force your customers to check out the item right after it’s added to their shopping cart, instead suggest related products that your customers might like to encourage additional purchases.
  • Let shoppers edit the cart. Allow your customers to easily remove or edit items in their shopping cart.
  • Let users purchase as a guest. The ability to checkout a guest is one of the most important elements of a seamless experience. Many customers are busy and, in a rush, and having to login and setup an account can put them off buying.
  • Offer free shipping. One of the big reasons customers abandon their shopping cart is because they have made it to the checkout and the shipping costs are too high.
  • Provide a progress indicator. One size does not fit all when it comes to checkouts.   Some have one step, others have more, so let your customers know how many steps are involved to get them through the process or implement a simple progress bar.
  • Match the checkout with your site’s look and feel. It sounds simple but many retailers fall down here.  If there is a visual disconnect between the checkout and the rest of the site, then the abandonment rate is likely to be high.
  • Try and offer a selection of payment options to suit everyone.
  • Show users that the checkout process is secure.  Make sure your checkout page uses https and SSL encryption.  Let your customers know about this by placing SSL badges and trust badges on your site because not everyone is tech-savvy.
  • Shipping first, billing later. The shipping method and information is the most important thing your customers care about, so give them these details first before jumping to billing information and collection payment.
  • Make entering addresses easy. Reducing the amount of time it takes for a customer to enter their address details is important for removing checkout friction. Address look-up and postcode finder tools are simple and easy solutions that will speed up the process for your customer and limits the margin of error for incorrectly entered details.
  • Make it simple and easy for your customers to return. At the end of the checkout process ask the customer if they would like to save their information for the next visit.  Tokenisation or one-click payment will make it even simpler for your customers and allow them to perform one-click payments, having a proven positive effect on conversation and repeat purchases.

The average shopping cart abandonment across all industries is 69.57 %.  Mobile users have an even higher abandonment rate of 85.65%* 2019.

Online Checkout

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