NetPay’s tips for working from home

The Government announced last week the strictest quarantine that this country has ever seen. This has meant that huge amounts of people are now continuing their jobs working from home. Based on how severe and contagious the coronavirus is it means that we don’t currently have a timeline around when we may be able to return to normal working conditions. That’s why we have produced this blog, to try to keep productivity up and give people some tips to help them cope at this time.

We are all in unprecedented circumstances due to this virus and some people may have never worked from home, so it’s important to offer advice and tips to help people overcome this difficult time. This will help support those individuals and therefore help businesses as well. When working from home it’s key that you continue to get up like you would and prepare yourself for the day ahead (some people have even said to me, continue to get dressed for work). Doing this ensures that you are ready and prepared for the day ahead. See below for what we think are the best tips to help you, if you’re working from home:

  1. Stick with your routine – As many of us are now working from home it will be tempting to not keep a routine, but it is key for productivity and it will help your mental state to try and keep things the same. Your routine could be adjusted slightly as now you will not be commuting to work but you should try keep your weekday morning preparations – wake up, shower, have breakfast etc. This will help you prepare mentally and get you into the right mindset for work.
  2. Plan – Having a structure in place for your day is key to keep you on track, especially if you are working in isolation. Normally your working day is structured for you but now it’s down to you to do it for yourself. One key point in making a plan, is to not put too much in it but to make the plan attainable, make sure you also set breaks in it as well.
  3. Create a work space – You need to set yourself up in a location where you will not get distracted (so in front of the TV on the sofa is out of the question). Some sort of table will help you resemble being in the ‘office’ and therefore increase your productivity, not only this it will help you maintain good posture.
  4. Get fresh air – The social distancing initiative, coupled with the government saying to only leave the house for one form of exercise a day means we won’t actually have that many opportunities to get fresh air. But you should try to open windows to let in daylight and fresh air, this is especially important as we can not get out much to enjoy it.
  5. Exercise – This is similar to getting fresh air as it is important to exercise especially if you are spending the majority of your time stuck indoors. It will help your mental and physical wellbeing. Loads of companies are doing online virtual classes that you can participate in, you can watch other people’s home workouts, so there are still opportunities to do fun, engaging exercises out there for you.

(Adapted from – Time & people managing people)

Tips for working from home


In conclusion, we are facing a very dangerous and relatively unknown virus so we must abide by the government’s decisions and try to support each other through this difficult time. Therefore, staying indoors and working from home are essential for most cases – this helps to give the NHS more time to deal with this virus and keep people safe. But the purpose of this blog is to again try to support people and give them handy tips and hints to keep up their productivity but also to help people thrive in these uncertain times. So, we hope you enjoyed this blog and found some good information that you will take away from reading this and implement it yourself and share with your friends and colleagues.

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