The benefit of wireless terminals

A wireless PAX A920 Pro being used outside

Wireless terminals can be a great asset to your business on multiple levels. It can open doors to events and off-site activities you may not have been able to attend previously. 

Removing limitations from a business can be beneficial in many ways. It allows you to be more proactive in your practise and gives you the freedom of movement. Wireless terminals, in this case, ensure you don’t need to stick to one area where the till would be. 

What types of terminals are there? 

To ensure users of terminals aren’t limited, there are a few options to choose from – Wi-Fi, 3/4G (mobile) & an ethernet connection. Ethernet terminals are great for a stationary position whereas Wi-Fi & mobile are made specifically for the portability options. There are many benefits for all 3 terminals which we will cover in the following sections. 

Example – Typically, wireless terminals are used within restaurants. This gives the freedom of customers being able to pay at their table and not at a countertop terminal. 

Many brands of terminals have all 3 options meaning they will all sync well together and provide a seamless experience to the users. Companies like Pax, Ingenico and Verifone (Each brand will be linked to their homepage)– to name a few – cater to the needs of businesses. You can find the full datasheets information documents within our downloads section on the website. 

When could a wireless terminal be used? 

Businesses will typically use a wireless terminal if they feel they can operate more efficiently by having a portable terminal. We’ve previously mentioned the use of wireless terminals by restaurants but that’s not the only example. Other companies may have multiple locations on a property from which they could operate. They may not need to have multiple terminals so being able to easily transport the device from one place to another could be essential. 

What are the benefits of a wireless terminal? 

A wireless terminal can be the answer to an issue of being in a ‘fixed’ location or open doors to those who are looking to have more of a fluid business model.  

Events and opportunities for businesses, at this current time, are becoming more common with more companies taking advantage of this. Therefore, lots have gone down the wireless terminal route – expanding their reach and bringing the business to their customers.  

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