A new age of technology

apple smart watch on wrist

Technology has come a long way in the past decade or two. This includes the more common use of smart watches and NFC rings.

The level of technology development and production has increased sevenfold in the past two decades. Paying with cards and manually entering your pin is outdated with contactless increasing in use hugely. In recent years, paying with smarter technology has massively increased. Smart watches are seen more commonly than those would imagine. We have even entered the world of ring payments. Not the doorbell camera – we mean the metal object that can be worn on your finger! 


Smart watch technology

Most people have heard of smart watches and know of their capability within society these days. The sales numbers from the endless brands which have launched a smart watch have more than increased, they are now a main source of revenue for most companies – Apple being one of the largest players in the game, along with Samsung.  

They can do more than just tell the time. Key features of smart watches can be anything from reading your heart rate to paying for high-n-price products in a shop. As the smart watch needs direct access to your bank account through an authorisation process, you do not need to abide by the contactless limit. This means you can pay thousands for products in-store with the only limit being the amount in your bank account.  


Smart rings (NFC)

At this moment in time, the NFC rings (smart rings) will not be overtaking the smart watch competitors any time soon. This is down to the level of development NFC rings have had – which is not a lot as they are current state. Working on something so new and its size, make improving its physical and mechanical features difficult. 

As they are programable, they can have multiple features with the assistance of a mobile phone. If your phone has the capability to link to the ring, you can input what you would like it to do and what features you give it access to. This can be, as mentioned before, card payments, smart door access, store details etc. You can find out if you have access within your phone’s system settings. 


The direction in which technology is heading, this level of tech could make its way into other forms of accessories. Advancements are taking place every day meaning companies and businesses need to learn to catch up and follow along with what is currently on the market.  

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