What is Revolution?

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Revolution is NetPay’s award-winning, provisioning, service management, and reporting platform built specifically to service the merchant services industry and the requirements of our partners and customers.

This platform, Revolution, is commonly used by Merchants and Resellers to track and manage their company online. There are many features that are exclusive to Resellers, such as onboarding, which we will be covering.

Revolution’s background

Revolution was created in-house by NetPay. This means updates and developments are carried out and improved without eternal delays.

The idea originated from there being a gap in the market regarding digital onboarding and estate management for merchant onboarding, and merchant-level data analytics for effective business analysis and reporting. Carl and Nicole Churchill developed the software, with the help of programmers, to fill that gap and set a new standard.

Revolution for Resellers

Revolution holds the ability for resellers to carry out the end-to-end process of onboarding and managing a merchant account. Here are a few key pointers on Revolution’s abilities:

  • Fully digital merchant onboarding including electronic document generation & signature
  • Integrated 3rd parties for data lookup and validations
  • Pricing management
  • Service level integration for the fulfillment of equipment & service orders
  • Multi-channel reporting on reseller and merchant performance
  • Transactional analytics using the merchant’s transaction data
  • Automatic generation of invoices to merchants and for resellers using self-billing capability
  • Integrated Direct Debit capability to set up payment arrangements for provisioned services
  • In-built commission calculations
  • Technical support case management
  • NetPay branded or white label branded platform

More surrounding provisioning can be found in our ‘Revolution for Resellers’ document here.

Revolution for Merchants

When a reseller’s merchant has been successfully onboarded, a Revolution merchant portal is provided to the merchant.  Here are a few key pointers on Revolution’s Merchant Portal abilities:

  • Multi-channel reporting combining in-store and online performance.
  • Full current and legacy visibility allows merchants to respond to emerging trends
  • Card sales performance
  • Monitor best performing times of day
  • Card type usage
  • Geo-mapping for locations
  • FAQs and technical support case management
  • NetPay branded or white label branded platform

Further benefits and features for merchants using Revolution can be found here.

Reporting ability

Let us explore reporting in further detail. Any form of reporting can provide guidance and important measurements of success. Included within Revolution, a range of comprehensive reporting tools which are available to Resellers and Merchants. The reporting aspect includes:

  • Card sales performance
  • Monitor best performing time of days, weeks, months, and years
  • Card type usage
  • Trend analysis
  • Reports showing best performing Merchant, countries, and regions (for Resellers)
  • Geo-mapping locations

Further details on reporting can be found within the ‘Revolution for Resellers’ document mentioned above. Alternatively, you can request a demo with us surrounding the platform. Head to our contact section here and fill out your information.

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