Black History Month

Black History Month was created to commemorate the history and achievements of members of the black community, this event happens on a yearly basis in October.  It started because of Carter Godwin Woodson (celebrated as the father of black history) when he launched a black history week in 1926 in the US. The reason why Woodson wanted to do this was because he believed:

‘The teaching of black history was vital in the study of race within society, stating ‘if race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated’ –

This ‘Black History’ event then grew in popularity and eventually made its way into British culture. The first celebrated Black History Month was in 1987 in the UK – this was organised by Akyaaba Addai-Sebo. It is celebrated with various events across the country; including talks, exhibitions, and concerts.

Black History Month

A couple of members of the NetPay family were aware that it was Black History month in the UK during October 2019, so we wanted to organise an event to celebrate this at NetPay. A few ideas were floating around but we settled on organising a buffet inspired by this occasion. An email went around to the team asking who wanted to participate in this and provide food – a tremendous response came back, we had 15 people who volunteered to bring in their homemade recipes for the buffet. This meant that the Black History month inspired buffet had an amazing array of delicacies, see below the full list brought in for this buffet:

  1. Ash – Nigerian drinks/plantain chips
  2. Azeem – Chin chin
  3. Charles – Plantain
  4. Divya – Chicken Biriyani with Raitha
  5. Hailey – Chinese snacks
  6. Jane – African rolex/Exotic fruits
  7. Laura – Koeksisters
  8. Marshall – Chin chin/plantain
  9. Okhae – Groundnuts/African snacks
  10. Ren – Chinese food
  11. Shalu – Dhokla
  12. Shubby – Suya (spiced beef) and moyin moyin
  13. Sianade – Banana bread & fried dumplings
  14. Trudie – Ghanaian Jollof rice
  15. Will – Nigerian Jollof rice

Black History month is a fantastic event on the yearly calendar, and it helps to give recognition to black history. NetPay were proud to support it in our own way. Let’s hope it keeps growing in popularity and we continue to see a wide range of events occurring across the country.

The buffet NetPay had was a resounding success and helped to boost morale in the company. Everyone had 15 minutes to mingle in the kitchen and try the wide array of food that they may not have tried before. This helped to broaden horizons, raise awareness and allow individuals to try different things.

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