NetPay News – Coronavirus Update

Firstly we wanted to start with how NetPay are supporting our merchants and customers during coronavirus and then later on in this article we will discuss NetPay’s strategy to continue providing our excellent service.

In these uncertain times it is important we step up and protect the merchants who are most severely affected by forced closures and the impact of those forced closures. Whilst we will all have our own challenges around our ability to generate new business and the transaction levels we see, without merchants – we have no business.

Coronavirus: How we’re supporting our customers.

We understand the impact the current COVID-19 virus is having on our customers and the impact it is having on your business. It’s not enough for us just to understand and appreciate the position though – it’s important we respond when you need us the most.

Here is what we are doing:

  1. Removing monthly minimum charges for all merchants
  2. Giving the option to reduce your terminal rental by 95%
  3. Providing financial support for some of the most affected sectors
  4. Increasing the MasterCard/Visa/Diners/Amex contactless limit from £30 to £45

If you want more information on what we are doing to support our merchants please click this link – – you will find all the details on what we are doing and the qualifying criteria on the link. Remember, we are here to support you so please do not hesitate to contact us via any method.

News - Coronavirus

NetPay’s Service Announcements

We want to provide you with reassurance that being there to support you, our merchants remains our highest priority. We have taken a number of steps to ensure we retain continuity of service and would like to use this as an opportunity to update you on the steps we have taken to make sure we can continue to deliver the leading experience you expect from NetPay.

Our Approach

We continue to respond to the evolving recommendations from the UK Government, the WHO and Public Health England. We firstly implemented a social distancing strategy and we have now moved to a near total closure of our Head Office, moving most of our team to home working environments to continue our service. Our IT and communications infrastructure are such that we are able to redeploy our teams to work from home, even when they are in a customer-facing role and continue our service to you.

This means we shall continue to support you right across our business, including our 24×7 Technical Support team.

Impact to Service

We don’t anticipate any impact to the service that we provide to you, all departments will be operating during the normal office hours. If you have an issue with your terminal device and a swap is required, your swap will be dealt with in the normal way. If that changes or a delay to swaps is imposed, we will make you aware of this immediately.

Moving Forward

As you will appreciate the situation with COVID-19 is evolving very quickly.

We have no specific end date around when we will stop the working from home approach within our business, but please be assured, our focus is on ensuring we deliver the necessary support at the level you have grown to expect from NetPay and the planning work being undertaken ensures that we maintain the same level of service to you throughout this period.

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