Contactless Limit Increases

The contactless limit increased from £30-£45 on 01 April. This is the first time the limit has increased in five years, this increase was already being considered but the process was accelerated due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has been stated that cash could harbour the coronavirus and exchanging cash would spread the virus – whilst a contactless card is only held by the owner of the card. Therefore, using contactless cards could help limit the spread.

NetPay’s card machines are almost ready to accept the UK’s increased contactless limit. Your card machine has been adjusted and will make the change during its next scheduled monthly update. If you would prefer to apply the update manually straight away, you can do so by following the instructions below:

If you have a Spire terminal:

First you must run a Batch and Settle. First select the Menu button. Select 1.Batch, Select 2.Settle. This will print your daily totals so far. Select Menu, select the Right Arrow, select Function, input the number 92, enter your Supervisor Code. Select Yes for Prog Load Correct to run the manual update. Once complete the machine will reset itself.

Or an Ingenico terminal:

Select the Menu button twice, choose Select Function, input the number 81. You’ll be asked to either Swipe Supervisor Card or Input Supervisor Code to run the manual update. Once complete the machine will reset itself.

Our technical support team are on hand to support you 24/7 should you require any extra help or guidance. Please email us at [email protected] or call 08434 555 555.


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