Wireless Terminals

Wireless terminals can take all major credit and debit cards, as well as being contactless enabled, helping your customer to make payments quickly without leaving their seats.

Take the card terminal to the customer

With a wireless card terminal, you can take the card terminal to your customer enabling you to serve your customers at their table quickly and easily. Wireless card terminals are also popular in stores which have multiple payment points.

The equipment uses WiFi connectivity to connect to a base station and connect to a telephone line, which is used to access the banking infrastructure either by dialling up or over a fixed broadband connection when processing a transaction.

The wireless card payment terminals are designed to remain connected to reduce the frustration of trying to take payments in a busy environment only to find the connection has been lost. This helps with maximising the opportunity to take payments and gets the transaction processed quickly, therefore reducing the likelihood of queues forming or people walking out of retail premises.

Card payment terminals are easy to use, but also reliable and robust, designed to meet the demands placed upon them by the nature of taking card payments on the move. Wireless terminals need to have displays that are easy to read, which is important when card payments are being taken outside in sunlight.

Wireless payment terminals provide payment convenience for customers and merchants while still providing a secure environment to take the card payments.

Benefits of wireless card terminals

  • Customers and merchants benefit from the flexibility of taking card payments away from a fixed till
  • Merchants can take the terminal to the customer at a table or take payments from multiple pay points
  • It works with an existing dial-up telephone connection or a broadband connection
  • All major credit and debit cards are accepted
  • Contactless enabled, helping your customer to make payments quickly
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Designed to be used outside with displays which are easy to read in sunlight
  • Outstanding battery life, letting you process more transactions on a single charge
  • All sales are paid into your account within 3-4 days

Things to consider when selecting a wireless terminal

Using a wireless terminal may not be suitable for everyone, so it is important to consider signal strength and other factors before committing to using a bluetooth or Wi/Fi payment terminal. In some instances you will need to consider using a wired terminal instead. 

Base stations will need to be plugged into a router for connectivity or a telephone line to dial out. Wireless signals get weaker the further away from the base station they are. If a base station is too far away from where the device is being used then consideration will need to be given to moving this so it is closer and in range. 

The main benefit of using a wireless terminal is that the technology enables merchants to use the terminal anywhere in a range of up to 100m from their business. However, these distances may be affected by environmental conditions and the layout of the premises. The construction of the building, for example, may play a part in the strength of the signal. Building material such as concrete or steel can block signals.

Selecting your Terminal

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