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Access a virtual terminal where you can take payments over the phone by mail order or online. It is simple and secure.

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Take Mail Order/Telephone Order payments easily and securely

MOTO transactions are performed over the internet using a “virtual” terminal with the customer either being on the end of the phone or having submitted their credit or debit card details via a mail order. A virtual terminal is effectively a secure payment screen that enables you to input the various personal details of the customer, including their credit or debit details and submit them for processing.

Other value added services are available with mail order/telephone order capability, including SchedulePay.

How it works

Each member of staff has their own login to use the online portal. Once logged in all they need to do is enter the customer's card details within the payments page and make the sale. It is that simple.

All transactions are processed online and stored to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) We are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, which is the highest level of compliance available.



Large events, Businesses or last minute orders over the phone



Take secure payments for delivery orders



Convenient and secure payments over the phone

Processing and Acquisition from one provider

Many online payment processors in the UK do not get involved in the acquiring aspect of the payments service and those that do tend to be above the market rate in terms of price. NetPay has the capability to provide both the processing and acquisition, allowing us to cater for both aspects of your requirement rather than insisting you go elsewhere

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Doe & Co. Case Study

More and more of our customers were asking us if we accept card payments. The nature of our business means that for us to meet Financial Conduct Authority regulations, any cheques received must be banked within 24 hours, and to us, this is a very time consuming process, especially when you take into consideration; traffic, banking, parking fees and time spent in branch. We approached NetPay and they had just the solution.

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Enables customers to pay via an email, text or QR code link. Bringing your call recordings within scope of PCI Compliance. Find out more


Enables recurring payments to be set up, so customers can pay weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually until the payment is cancelled. Find out more


Removes the necessity for merchants to store card information within their own infrastructure. Find out more

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