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LinkToPay is the easy way to receive payments

LinkToPay enables businesses to send a one-off or recurring payment request to customers directly from their merchant portal.

It is ideal for businesses that send out invoices as it generates a secure payment link which can be included on an invoice enabling customers to simply click and pay. This means LinkToPay helps you to be paid faster as well as being more convenient for your customers.

LinkToPay will be PCI DSS compliant as its functionality enables merchants to avoid coming into contact with card information at any stage when receiving payments from customers.

Using LinkToPay the merchant generates a payment request and then never sees the card information, they are simply advised that the transaction has been processed and both the customer and the merchant then receive a receipt. This removes the challenges associated with accepting mail order requests as well as taking card details over the phone, where calls are often recorded without suppression.

Businesses want to give their customers multiple payment options as one size does not fit all. LinkedToPay is a useful option for many businesses, providing businesses with an additional way to take payments from their customers.


Generate a payment request

Create a LinkToPay request by entering: amount, recurring or one-off payment and your customers details


Select how the request is made

The merchant can select the type of request and this will generate a short URL or QR code


Send request

This can be sent by email or text direct to your customer, making it simple for them to make payment


The customer makes payment

Click on the link to make a secure payment by entering your card details and submit your payment

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