Remove the necessity to store card information and make the purchasing process seamless and secure

Card information is stored securely

Tokenisation removes the necessity for you to store card information within your own infrastructure, limiting the requirements under certain aspects of PCI DSS for card number storage.

Tokenisation would typically be used if you are using an API.

As opposed to storing credit or debit card information within your server, you can send a request as part of the initial authorisation, requesting a “token” to be returned.

The token is effectively a code generated that you can use for future transactions using the same card information and is particularly useful for organisations that give their customers the flexibility to make repeat purchases without having to re-input their credit and debit card details.

The card information is stored securely within the NetPay PCI DSS Level 1 compliant infrastructure, reducing the merchants obligations under PCI DSS. It is important to note that the CVV2, otherwise known as the security code, is never stored and must always be entered, even if the customer is making a repeat purchase.

Tokenisation is provided for a small increase in the monthly cost.

The benefits of API Integration

  • Reduces likelihood of cart abandonment - Customers can make repeat purchases easier, as they do not need to re-input their card details.
  • Card information is stored securely - As the long number (16 card figure on the card, known also as the primary account number or PAN) are converted into tokens, for use over a website or app they increase security for customers as account information remains undisclosed.
  • Provides a safer environment for you customers – Customers can be reassured that this is safe way to shop online.
  • PCI Obligations – As information may be taken through tokenisation and card information is not stored merchant obligations under PCI DSS obligations are more easily met.

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