Integrated Payments

Semi-integrated payment solutions are at the centre of successful, well organised retail businesses.

Semi-integrated payment environment

Semi-integrated payment solutions limit the necessity for communication between the PIN pad and the EPoS system to non-sensitive exchanges. Instead it is encrypted and routed directly from the smart terminal to the merchant’s card processor or gateway, improving security, simplifying the chip and pin process, meeting PCI compliance processes and therefore reducing the cost of chip and pin acceptance.

Semi-integrated payment solution

An integrator links an EPoS to an Ingenico corded terminal (PIN pad) iPP350, so the EPoS can send the transaction amount directly to the terminal reducing the risk of error and fraud.

A software development kit includes source and executable code for a EPoS test application, so integrators can explore the features of the semi-integrated solution and access the relevant source code. This will provide examples of how the functions of this API may be used, although the exact functions will be specific to the environment. The EPoS test application also enables integrators to confirm the PIN pad is working correctly, which is useful should they encounter problems during their own integration.

EPoS Accreditation:

When the EPoS software has finished its development phase, it will require accreditation by the acquirer.

NetPay will sponsor and expedite this part of the solution on behalf of the customer, if the accreditation is successful then the acquirer will issue an Approval Certificate. There may be costs associated with this which will be discussed at the start of the process.


A test iPP350 PIN pad can be purchased along with a set of cards to test your software processes payments correctly for a selection of different card types, schemes and scenarios.

  • Test packs are made to order and can be produced with any currency and country of issue
  • A dual card is one where both contact and contactless payments are enabled
  • The country and currency codes are printed on the test cards
  • The public keys for these test cards are industry standard and are loaded on the First Data test simulator, so your cards will work instantly
  • There is no PIN pad configuration required for test cards

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines chip and pin migration and certification
  • Improves security by eliminating sensitive data from the EPoS
  • Simplifies PCI compliance by reducing the cardholder data environment
  • Processor and gateway agnostic
  • Widely available SDKs and Generic drivers such as uPOS, JavaPOS etc are available

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Integrated Payments

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