Hosted Form

Hosted Form keeps development to a minimum

Hosted Form integration is one of easiest and quickest ways to integrate with the NetPay payment service, if you don’t operate a shopping cart or you have a shopping cart that NetPay does not yet support with a plugin.

The payments page can incorporate your branding, ensuring a smooth transition for customers. This can be controlled via our award winning Revolution portal.

Put simply, with a hosted form solution a customer goes through the purchasing process on your site completing any purchase information required and then when they reach the payment stage they are passed to NetPay via secure HTTPS. All the transaction information including their name, address and the transaction value is provided.

When the customer inputs their credit or debit card information and submits the transaction for processing, the information is encrypted at submission, before being used to dynamically populate a payments page. NetPay will provide the merchant with a set of encryption keys when the service is activated.

The payments page can incorporate a merchant's branding and is controlled via the Revolution portal.When the payment has been authorised you also have the option of having a specific script forwarded to the customer as a “Thank you” page.

NetPay provides a comprehensive Developer Centre website for you to review the options when integrating by Hosted Form.


Branded in your Look and Feel

Fully branded to your website look and feel ensuring a seamless shopping checkout and user experience.


Safe And Secure

NetPay are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, ensuring that your customers' card details are highly secure.


Accept all major Credit And Debit Cards

A simple payment page that accepts all major credit and debit cards, regardless of where in the world they are.

Online Services Brochure

NetPay prides itself on it's award-winning range of innovative online payment processing services and eCommerce products. Developed in house, our Revolution portal provides differentiation through the technology and capability offered and functionality ‘beyond the transaction’.

NetPay differentiates itself from other online payment processors by offering both Processing and Acquisition and is accredited with a large number of International acquiring banks.

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